Grippex as a Pick-Up Unit - a low cost Robot function
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Now you can simply increase you machine's capacity and turn it to an unmanned production cell, as pick-up unit in a lathe and as a loader/unloader in a machining center. Grippex is driven by existing coolant - it is already there - inside the machine.

The Grippex pick-up unit can be used for raw material as well as finished parts without any adjustment of the jaws or its gripping range.

Grippex Mini with robot fingers
Grippex Mini with robot fingers GPX-M/R40
On the standard gripping fingers can be fitted different types of jaws and inserts:

Robot inserts are available for the fingers F52 (Grippex Small), F60, F80 and F105 in steel or brass material.

Robot jaws are available for the fingers F80 and F105

Instant set up - gripping is secured without any adjustment within the whole gripping range. For example, raw material as well as finished parts of different diameters can be handled by the same robot inserts in the same operation.

Inside a Lathe the 3-fingers unit is most common. This because the three fingers are automatically centering the "round" bars/products.
Grippex can be used in many ways for loading/on-loading parts in a chuck and special device.
Grippex is often used for on-loading finished parts safely from the sub spindle.This eliminates costly ejectors and provides the added benefit of allowing the sub spindle to swallow long parts.
Grippex is useful even on lathes equipped with bar feeder systems because it provides a method for handling the bar remnant. A bar feeder typically pushes the remnant into the chip conveyer, which could cause it to jam up or even be damaged. Bar remnants can also damage some types of chip- processing equipment, such as compactors. The Grippex eliminates these problems by removing the remnant from the spindle and placing it in the machine's part catcher or other safe place.

Inside a Machining Center, Grippex can provide a robot function. By mounting the unit in a milling chuck with internal coolant supply, Grippex can load/unload work pieces into/out of M-code controlled vices, chucks and rotary tables from a workpiece storage.
Grippex can be stored in the tool magazine. There are always some of our three sizes of Grippex to match the machines, and the adjacent tool positions need not be vacated.
In a Machining Center, where a lot of different parts occur, it is useful to have both 2- and 3-fingers of Grippex design at hand.


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