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The Bar Puller that makes your CNC-Lathe more effective, right away!

For various reasons, such as high costs or limited floor space in work shops, a small percentage only of the CNC-Lathes are equipped with some kind of magazine-type bar feeder. In small batch production, however, the machine spindle itself, in addition with its inserted guiding tube and Grippex, provides you with a simple and highly efficient Bar-Feeder.

Grippex II Small bar puller
Grippex® II , Patented & Design Patented
A new Way to work

Conventional way of working!
Grippex is working inside!
Please, imagine that 40 workpieces of 20 mm length each may be automatically machined from a single one meter bar!
- Make Grippex do it for you! 40 workpieced in unmanned production!
Supposing that the machining cycle time is 1 minute. Then Grippex gives you 40 spare minutes for better use than pulling the bar manually or handling small pieces of cut raw material.
-You'll find yourself with a lot of spare time for other operation such as quality checks and/or making preparations for the next batch work etc.

Here's how it works

Programming method
Calling the turret tool post holding the Grippex Bar Puller.
Positioning of Grippex in X- and Z-axes.
Coolant ON for Grippex clamp.
Chuck unclamp.
Pulling-out the bar and exact positioning in Z-axis according to the programme.
Chuck clamp.
Coolant OFF for Grippex unclamp.
Return to zero and calling first tool.
Grippex approaches bar to be pulled.
Coolant ON for Grippex to clamp.
Chuck unclamp; turret moves back along Z-axis and stops exactly at programmed position.
Chuck clamp; coolant OFF. Grippex unclamp; turret retracts.
Grippex advantages

Instant setup - gripping is secured without any adjustment within the whole gripping range.
Compact and light - Adjacent turret tool positions need not be vacated.
Powerful - stands high pressure. No need for a pressure reduction valve.
Grippex doesn't need high pressure for pulling properly. It's working from 0.5 bar onward. Chuck unclamp.
Clamps very close to the chuck, allowing for short overhang of the bar.
Clamps hexagon bars without need for spindle orientation.
Can be used as well as a Pick-Up Unit with robot jaws.
Grippex clamps very close to the chuck.


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