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Below you'll find the most common asked questions about Grippex. If you have any questions about Grippex or our other products please contact us.

Q. Which pressure is required to pull the bar?

Very little coolant pressure is required to operate the 3-finger Grippex. As little as 1.0 P bar is enough to pull a bar weighting approx. 85 kg (at a coefficient of friction valued <0.2).
Q. How do I get a trouble free pulling?

Spindle liners should be used in conjunction with the Grippex to keep the bar centralized. An unsupported bar is also subject to high frictional forces which could result in pulling difficulty. A poorly supported bar may whip inside the spindle, resulting in vibration and possible spindle damage.

Q. What will I do if our lathe's coolant system is quiped with non return valve?

Some lathes coolant systems are equiped with a check valve which prohibits coolant from flowing backward when it's turned off. This leads to that the gripping fingers aren't open so quickly. To avoid this Grippex has a bleed valve on the body which is opened by screwing it some turns ccw.

Q. Are the inserts hard enough? Is it easy to change them?

Grippex II provides inserts, which can comfortably be exchanged even when the Bar Puller is mounted on the turret. The inserts are hardened to a degree of HRC57, which assures a long life of hard work.
To be fitted the inserts is placed with the radius of the gripping finger and turned until its tapped hole matches the through-hole for the finger. Finally, the inserts is secured by the locking screw.

Q. What to do if our lathe has VDI50 revolver?

A lathe which has VDI50 is a big lathe and you can therefore use a standard shank ø40 mm in combination with a VDI50 shank adapter without interference problems.

Q. What to do if I have a very small lathe?

Grippex II Small and Grippex Mini are developed to be used in very small lathes.


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