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Are you interested in cost-efficient machining? Then this is the right place! Here we inform about our unique and innovative bar pullers and pick-up units. You can find brochures, video sequences etc.
Featured Products
 Grippex Bar Puller

Grippex is powered by coolant. There is no need of any adjustment within the whole gripping range. Read More
 Pullex Bar Puller

Pullex Crocodile is developed to save seconds. It is directly fitted on the Part-off tool shank. Read More
 Grippex Pick-Up Unit

Now you can simply increase your machine's capacity and turn it to an unmanned production cell. Read More
Inside Automation
To be able to grip (handle) work pieces inside a CNC Lathe or Machining Center, you need a power normally coming from hydraulic or compressed air - an expensive solution inside a machine.
We use the coolant pressure - it is already there, inside the machine - a cheap solution. Read More

Patent Information
US Patent No. 6,530,578
SE Patent No. 511958
Europe Patent No. 10 89 845
US Design Patent No. D432403
SE Design Patent No. 336692
Registred Trademark US 2,163,096
Registred Trademark EU 00003369
Patent Pending in some other countries and territories.
Pullex Crocodile
US Patent No. 5,791,214
SE Patent No. 336692
Registred Trademark EU 000074583
Patent Pending in some other countries and territories.


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