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Low cost solution of handling parts!
To be able to grip (handle) work pieces inside a Machine Tool, Lathes or Machining Centers, you need a power normally coming from hydraulic or compressed air. This is costly to arrange inside a machine and therefore the most common equipment for "robot function" is serving the machine from outside the door. We use the coolant pressure - it is already there, inside the machine - a cheap solution.

Inside a Lathe

Our product Grippex operates by using the coolant systems that is available on all CNC machines.
Grippex is used as Bar puller and Pick-Up Unit for pulling and loading/unloading parts.
Grippex is available with 2 or 3 fingers design, self-adjusting within the whole gripping range. This makes it possible to pull or grip material/parts on different diameters with no diameter adjustment required.
When fitted with robot jaws, Grippex can especially be used for unloading finished parts from twin/sub spindle. This eliminates costly ejector solution and provides the added benefit of allowing the second spindle to swallow longer parts.

Inside a Machining Center

The Grippex can be mounted on a milling chuck with internal coolant supply and be stored in the tool magazine.
Grippex can load/unload raw materials or parts into M-code controlled vices, chucks and R-tables from/to workpiece storages.
Automatization of Machining Centers is normally expensive, for example using pallet or robot systems. By using Grippex as a robot fuction you can probably save time and money in some cases.
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