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MPC Automation Systems AB was founded in 1986 and have ever since then marketed CNC-machines and accessories, developed software for automation of CNC machines/workshops and developed accessories, such as bar pullers, for CNC machines.
MPC is an innovative and the most forefront company in the inside automation technology and are always looking for ideas that can rationalize the production.
MPC is situated in Stockholm, one of the most expansive cities of Europe.
Grippex II
Grippex bar puller, powered by coolant. Patented.
Already in the end of the eighties MPC developed and introduced the first coolant driven bar puller. Today, four generations later, the range is improved and 3 sizes of Grippex coolant driven bar pullers are avaiable, both in three fingers and two fingers design. Equipped with robot jaws Grippex give you a simple robot function inside the lathe.

Pullex Crocodile
Pullex bar puller directly fitted on
the Part-off tool shank.
Pullex Crocodile is the second-generation of the System Pullex. The number of frames have been reduced to only 2 gripping ranges and cover a bar diameter range from ø0-60 mm. The new Pullex can also be used both for left- and right hand tools and can very easy be connected to your own cut off tools.


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